About Sunny

Sunny Kruger is a Women’s Health professional with more than three decades of experience serving in diverse clinical, research, and executive capacities. Her experience includes positions at Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The American Social Health Association and several private and non-profit clinics and agencies for women in the Triad and Triangle area of North Carolina.

Excelling in women’s health education and counseling, she has worked with women of all ages promoting health awareness and personal growth. She has a broad and insightful perspective about women’s health and women’s needs.

For the last ten years she has maintained What Part of You Is Hungry (formally Alliance for Weight Loss), a holistic coaching practice for women who struggle with the many issues related to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Through a process of self discovery and acceptance, her clients become motivated to feed their body, mind and spirit based on self worth, not fear. What Part of You Is Hungry is based in Asheville, North Carolina.

Sunny’s personal struggle with dysfunctional eating, weight loss and incessant dieting began at a tender age. She was an overweight little girl and a morbidly obese adolescent. In desperation, she discovered every weight loss fad imaginable, fat farms, diet pills, and eating disorders. She was never again overweight, but her monumental weight loss did not bring her peace. Emotional eating was a way of life. Using food to ease despair didn’t stop just because she was slim nor did it contain her hunger. She did not know where her emptiest places were so she continued to starve because she was leaving herself out of her own life.

Sunny began making benevolent connections to food when she learned how to be compassionate about the wounded parts of herself. She became truly healthy when she understood her hungers and more authentic as she found the right foods to feed them. Her clients count on seamless compassion and a rare availability that comes from her deeply personal experience. She has the privilege of creating intimate and compelling alliances with hundreds of women, one amazing woman at a time.
Sunny Kruger

I create a safe and receptive space for you to bypass anything that resembles shame and talk freely about your issues. There is very little a woman confides to me about her problems with food and eating that I haven’t heard before from others or don’t know about from my own experience. The goal is to experience what being truly healthy feels like every day, in every season of your life. I believe that if reaching and maintaining an acceptable weight is a part of making that a reality, it will happen.” – Sunny Kruger