What Part of You Is Hungry?

What Part of You Is Hungry?

Who among us hasn’t reached for something to eat at the first inkling of hunger, even when it isn’t our body that needs to be fed? While encouraging healthy approaches to eating, the driving force behind What Part of You Is Hungry? is that physical food cannot satisfy the hungers that propel many women into conflicts with their bodies and struggles with their weight. To truly succeed in maintaining a healthy weight, a woman must determine if her hunger is coming from her body or her life. What Part of You Is Hungry? shows her how.

Two guiding principles shape my work and the ideas I explore here. First, arriving to a healthy relationship with food is best understood in the context of the greater whole: a healthy relationship with yourself. The extent to which your body, mind and spirit are in a harmonious interrelationship with each other is the wellspring of your life. Dieting, by itself, too often separates you from your life.

Second, feeding your mind and your spirit well is as fundamental to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight as healthy eating is for your body. When you can figure out if your hunger is coming from your body or your life, you’ve mastered the art of feeding yourself.

Bodysitting: Babysitting for Your Body

Picasso’s “Girl In Mirror”

Picasso’s “Girl In Mirror”

“If you could invite a trusted friend to move in and “bodysit” for a while, what instructions would you give her about its care and maintenance? Besides food and eating habits, what are your body’s needs and daily rhythms? What else should she know? When you stop to consider what is important about caring for the body you live in, you may gain some interesting insights.

* Does your face feel good wearing some makeup or is it most comfortable without any?
* Legs: smooth or furry?
* What materials feel best next to your skin?
* What if your body becomes injured or gets sick? What is your body’s tolerance for pain and medication? What are its needs for recovery?
* What is your body’s ideal comfort level for temperature, water intake, sunshine and fresh air?

You have the right to be as discerning about the choices you make concerning your body’s appearance, comfort and upkeep as you are about your body’s nutritional well-being. The style and cut of your hair reflects your preferences just like what you select to have for lunch after your salon appointment. You can effortlessly divine the most appropriate and precise foods to feed your body as you know how to adjust your evening bath water. Taking good care of your body is a huge part of your life and, at times, delightfully complicated. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else. It is personal and most of it stays private.

Your rituals, quirky grooming habits and neuroses notwithstanding, you are the ultimate expert in managing the principles that regulate your body’s intake of wholesome foods as you are about everything else that has to do with its total care. Developing an attitude of gravitas, gratefulness and devotion about your body is the five-star standard for determining the totality and quality of its care.”

What kind of “instructions” would you want to leave that are important to you?

Two “Superfoods”

post1Did you know that BLUEBERRIES and LAUGHTER can be considered “Superfoods?” We can think of them as such because they are both improve our health in a myriad of unexpected and highly beneficial ways. Moreover, blueberries and laughter add sweetness to our lives…..

Besides being a great source of Vitamin C and fiber, BLUEBERRIES are loaded with antioxidants – a class of compounds that may help prevent heart disease, cancer, and other serious health conditions. They may lower blood pressure, make blood vessels more elastic, lower cholesterol and possibly enhance metabolism. Studies are on-going to see if blueberries can have positive cognitive benefits for older adults (enhanced memory and learning function) and decrease symptoms of depression.


post2LAUGHTER is a tremendous resource for surmounting problems, enhancing your relationships, and supporting a healthier body/mind/spirit. What can a few hearty belly laughs do for you?

• Lighten up the most miserable day
• Defuse conflict
• Inspire hope and connection to others
• Relieve physical tension and stress
• Boost your immune system and protect your heart
• Temporarily relieve pain
• Promote an overall sense of well-being.

Cultivate your capacity for joy by laughing frequently