Body Love In The Nude

untitled.png nudeIn early January, 2015, a What Part of You Is Hungry? client shared a transformative experience. Robin is in her sixties, and like many of us, has long struggled with her body image. In working together, we explored her hungers and her lingering feeling of emptiness. Here’s her story in her own words: 

Sunny Kruger is a miracle worker.  When I first telephoned her, it was about wanting to shed pounds. She knew from the start it was about more than pounds.  That’s her unique gift.  Our sessions took me deeply into myself and finding someone who was beautiful and worthy. Sunny gently guided me through my tempests, past my tantrums, into my hidden tales. And I lost the desired weight, gaining insight instead about what filled my empty places besides food.     

Just the other day I was asked by my artist-photographer friend to pose for a photo shoot for a project she is creating for the Women’s Museum in downtown Asheville. With hardly any hesitation, I said “Yes!” I couldn’t wait to tell Sunny. This was no ordinary photo session. I had agreed to be photographed in the nude!”    

Robin’s photograph debuts this fall. Undoubtedly, the courage to pose nude marks a real personal victory. Robin is more comfortable in her own skin, but in sharing the photograph with others, she invites other women to look at their bodies with more acceptance, too. We all might not pose in the nude as the ultimate expression of coming to peace with our body. But feeding her empty places led Robin to a place of courage and commitment about living the rest of her life with a spontaneity and freedom she never imagined possible. 

Hearing Robin’s story made me wonder about other ways of stripping down old fears and anxieties to claim an authentic body love. Maybe donning a swimsuit for the first time in twenty years is your moment of authentic body love. Perhaps wearing sleeveless shirts in the summertime again or riding a bike on a trail requires a kind of bravery from you. For me, the first time I dared to make love with the lights on was a momentous experience.  Is there a moment that represents your moment of claiming body love? Please share below, and let’s learn from each other.  

  1. a real turning point for me in self acceptance has been when, in need of a model for my drawing and painting classes, I offered myself up. I did not want the students to feel uncomfortable or intimidated ( all adults) it get away with not challenging themselves by modeling instead of doing the work. At first I was shocked – this old fat lady appeared on their pages. But the drawings were great. And I started to see what was great about me. Yes, still heavier than I want, at least two chins, but they captured me. My wild curly hair and love oh mix matched prints on my clothes. I learned to love myself more through their eyes! Still work to be done, but I am getting there.

  2. I cannot help but wonder how much of the love that was in the in the “eyes of the beholders” reflected back on you! We are all a work in progress…..Congratulations!

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