Food Problem?

body-mind-spiritMany women keep their food choices and how they eat a secret. Others distrust food and are overly cautious around it, irrespective of what they weigh. Some are so preoccupied with their hunger that they understand it as a disease, a source of guilt, or mistakenly associate it with shame and fear. And what about all those women who are unfailingly conscientious about eating well, yet never feel quite satisfied or full?

Our weight is often a major concern in our lives. Whether we are within a normal weight range or decidedly overweight, the underlying issue is often about starvation, not food. The pain surrounding how some of us eat is not just about our food choices or what our bodies look like but about an essential aspect of ourselves we keep failing to recognize is always starving.

An important need is not being met. A ripe potential is not being realized. An old wound may be crowding out some of the joy and purpose in our lives. Our food, in its broadest sense, is the source of our healing. Our hungers help us to understand and accept who we are.

How you feed yourself involves far more than the choices you make every day about the substances you put into your body. Your mind needs constant nourishment and your spirit can be ravenous. The body, mind and spirit are fluid and intrinsically interrelated. Their “appetites” ebb and flow. Every aspect of you experiences hunger, needs feeding and has its unique food requirements.

Only you can recognize where your hunger is coming from so you can choose from the most appropriate “foods” available to satisfy that hunger. Keep in mind that whatever nourishes your body, enlivens your mind, or expands the reach of your soul is food. Some or all parts of you are clamoring to be fed all the time.

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