On Hunger

Hunger verifies a reality; it expresses a truth about you. You may indeed need to eat something, but not always. If you can stay with the truth of your hunger long enough to let it unfold completely, you may see that there are many different kinds of hunger. Right now, yours may not be about food for your body…..

As essential as food and water are for your body, so are the spiritual and emotional necessities that shape every aspect of your being. You have the ability to move past the assumption of physical hunger and grasp the truth of your longings and needs. Ultimately, eating cannot satisfy you when you need comfort and have no one there to comfort you. No food can love you when you feel unloved. Food on a plate cannot fill you with soul-engaging beauty if you haven’t created anything beautiful in your life.

Knowing the truth about what your hunger means empowers you to seek what is missing in your life. Some hungers let you know when you don’t have quite enough of something important and embolden you to pursue or create what you want. When your hunger allows you to envision the kind of love you need, you can better identify where to seek that love.

Anytime a hunger moves you to invest in more understanding about a remote emotion or a monstrous pain, you can renew meaning in your life.   Once you truthfully articulate your hunger and give it a name, the promise of feeling full and whole is within your reach.


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  1. Thank you. I needed this right now.

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