On The Art of Feeding Yourself

  • A Hershey’s bar or a hug? What do you really want? Physical hunger builds gradually. Emotional hunger develops suddenly.
  • Identify what your internal, physical clues are to determine physical hunger. Give your body back its power (not the clock, your eyes, your friends or your mood).
  • Guilt tends to be extremely fattening. There is nothing you are “not allowed to have.” Treats need to be just that – treats. Special occasions sometimes involve special foods.
  • Guilt can be fattening! Use discretion. Try to plan for food indulgences by eating healthfully prior to and following a decadent desert or situations you know ahead of time will involve a lot of food. Trust that your healthier metabolism will work for you. It will.
  • Always ask yourself: “What Part of You Is Hungry?”
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