The Healthy Woman Food Pyramid

A woman’s need for nourishment is personal and complex. The food pyramid or food plate models for healthy eating are a one size fits all eating framework. The problem is that these models provide too much information about the foods we are supposed to eat and ignore that our hungers extend beyond what we choose to feed our bodies.

Imagine a food pyramid designed just for you that references the unique foods for your body, your mind and your spirit. This structure represents not the basic food groups for your body per se, but the all-embracing aspects of yourself and what meets the highest, most personalized standards for nourishing all parts of you, all the time. Like you, it is creative and dynamic and flexible enough to endure the slightest or most dramatic change in taste, temperament or lifestyle.

The Healthy Woman Food Pyramid features three basic food groups: Body, Mind and Spirit. We can easily reference all the truly satisfying foods that support a healthy weight and a life well lived. Here are examples of how two women created their food pyramids. They have identified the “foods” that nourish them in every way.Two Pyramid
There is so much that feeds you. Laughter is a wonderful food. You won’t find it in the frozen section of the supermarket, but it surely feeds you along with loving friends and relationships that nurture and sustain you.