Restaurant Mindset




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When you go out to eat, you are hiring someone to prepare food for you. You are in charge, not the menu or the “specials” nor the wait-person. As long as you base your selections according to the foods the restaurant has available, you can decide how you want your meal prepared, how sauces are used and what side orders you want.

Most good restaurants will prepare virtually anything that you want and are pleased to do so. Why not order extra veggies and less pasta in your Pasta Primavera? Good chefs don’t have a problem with preparing a healthier version of their dishes. Honoring substitutions, doubling up on healthy sides or ordering three spoons to share one fabulous dessert reflect a high standard of service which should be a part of a satisfying and healthy dining experience.

Eating Out in Groups


The more social the focus is while eating, the more you tend to eat. It is possible to make healthy choices, enjoy your meal and have fun at the same time. When eating with a group, size up the people you are with and try to pace yourself with the person who remains in touch with the others while enjoying her meal. Of course, you can be that person.

When you are eating with others, check in with yourself every now and then to check your hunger level. Are you satisfied? Is there something more you want? What might that be? When you know you’ve had enough, ask for your plate to be removed and enjoy a beverage while you take in the good company.

“All You Can Eat?”

untitled.png bbbbBuffets can be overwhelming – Especially when you’re hungry. When eating at a buffet, know what’s being served before putting any food on your plate. Most people don’t think about making this effort and it is enormously helpful.

Rather than start blindly at the beginning of the spread, take a walk around the table to see what is being served and give some thought to your selections. Decide what to pass up ahead of time. Voila! You have a plan! Then put only two or three items at a time on your plate. Even if you make repeated trips, you’ll eat a lot less. Too many food choices can stimulate your appetite.



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