Everyone faces all kinds of obstacles that stand in the way of self-discovery. If some of yours are about your relationship to food, they are calls for healing your life. Stop feeding disappointment and loneliness at the dinner table and end your codependent relationship with the scale.

Private Coaching

What Part of You Is Hungry? offers individual weight loss coaching and wellness coaching. From a holistic perspective, learn how to deepen your personal understanding of hunger and food as occasions for self-discovery and acceptance. You will achieve your healthiest weight when you are motivated to feed your body, mind and spirit based on self worth, not fear. Work with me to:

* Break the old connection of feeding your body at hunger’s first stirring
* Deconstruct feelings of shame and guilt about food
* Unravel and reverse your health-sabotaging behaviors
* Make sense of the contradictory information in our weight loss obsessed world
* Turn your nurturing spirit inward and create a new standard of compassionate self-care
* Eliminate negative self talk and cultivate motivation rooted in encouragement and acceptance
* Transform difficult relationships
* Discover that YOU have all your best answers

Sunny’s office is located in Asheville, NC where she meets with clients face to face. If you are interested in becoming a client, please contact Sunny for more information.

images.png ypeFOR LONG DISTANCE CLIENTS: Sunny schedules consultations and weekly individual coaching sessions through Skype. Please call Sunny in person for more information.

Sunny is happy to answer any questions you may have, either by phone or email. She can give you an idea of what you can expect from working with her, and  how she can support you in achieving your goals. It’s never too late to start.

Meditation and Mindful Eating Instruction

Emerging psychological research demonstrates that our thoughts powerfully predict our behavior. Transforming how we think is critical for changing our realities. Over the past decade, Sunny has led clients through the process of generating new relationships with food and achieving sustained weight loss through using meditation and mindful eating tools that work well with busy lives.

Sunny’s Mindful Eating Strategies draws on insights from mindfulness research to generate transformative coping strategies for clients interested in changing their relationship to food and dieting. Create a personal mediation and mindful eating practice that works in your busy life. Learn some basic techniques of mindful eating based on the MB-EAT Program (Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Program), Duke University and Indiana State University.

Sunny also leads clients to utilize Loving Kindness, a Buddhist based meditation practice, which cultivates positive behavioral changes, compassion and self love. Learn a loving kindness meditation, adapted to meet the unique circumstances of your life, to help you transform habituated negative thought patterns.

Contact Sunny to schedule a meditation or mindful eating instruction appointment.


10 week beginning and advanced groups are offered twice a year. Group sizes are kept small. Contact Sunny if you are interested in participating in the next scheduled group session.

Speaking, Workshops, and Classes

Sunny is available for workshops, classes, and small groups. If you would like to sponsor a presentation or  talk about the What Part of You Is Hungry Approach to Women, Food and Hunger, please contact Sunny to explore the possibilities.

Topics include:
The Art of Feeding Yourself
Is Your Hunger Coming From Your Body or Your Life?
How Dieting Separates You from Your Life
Compassionate Self- Care
Can Relationships Be “Junk Food?”