Could Your Spirit Be Hungry Right Now?

hummingbirdFood for the spirit is not the same as the food that feeds our bellies. But like our body, our spirit gets hungry every day and at multiple times. Most of the time, we may not realize how hungry our spirit was until after we’ve fed it.

We chose our spiritual foods from the fields of plenty all around us from the most ephemeral moments of joy, gratitude and love to the depth of connection we feel to one another. Spiritual hunger is often about our need to feel that we belong to something greater than ourselves…..

When you have problems feeding your body, try feeding your spirit.  If your heart is satisfied and your soul is content, physiological hunger is no longer fraught with fear and ambivalence. When your spirit is full, nourishing your body becomes what it is: a simple necessity and a simple pleasure.

When your spirit is content, your mind settles down and you feel more serene. Your breath is slow and deep and your body is at ease. In this startling simplicity, feeding yourself becomes sacred. You begin to associate feelings of well- being, humility and connection to the divine with all the ways in which you nourish yourself every day.  Transforming damaged eating patterns and healing a troubled relationship with food doesn’t seem so  complicated and perhaps, is within your reach.


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