Happy Outcomes

I thought I was only going to Sunny to lose weight. And I did… a nice 25 pounds. But what I have gained in its place is worth its weight in gold: a loving acceptance of myself. Sunny’s astute insights and understanding of my particular issues and her passionate work with me as I discovered my empty places, eased me into acting on long-held dreams, healing unsettled relationships, and feeling joy beyond measure.” R.G.


Sunny has been a kind and generous counselor. She has helped me find what I’ve truly been hungry for. Our sessions are empowering and have helped me to drop 40-plus pounds. I have undergone a physical, emotional and spiritual makeover!” T.R.

With 46 extra pounds on my 5’3″ frame, who would have thought that I was actually starving in so many crucial ways? Sunny has helped me learn how to nourish and protect myself on all levels, ending my long battle with useless and reckless “diets” and preoccupation with my scale. I have lost all my unwanted pounds and my relationship with food is as healthy as I am.” J.T.J



I have worked extensively with Sunny Kruger to address “hunger” issues. In addition to being knowledgeable and wise, she displays a genuine warmth and empathy that has helped me to nurture myself in so many ways. She has encouraged me to dig deeper than just the “food issue” and to surround myself with people, places, activities and adventures that feed my mind and my spirit. Thank you, Sunny! I have benefited greatly from your loving expertise. You have changed my life.” R.L.

I worked with Sunny Kruger a couple of years ago and easily, painlessly (!) lost 30 pounds. But more importantly, I learned to pay attention to my habit of eating when anxious or letting myself get too hungry and then going for a quick fix- a sugar hit, usually. This awareness will help me throughout my life, not just another dieting phase.” S.T.S.images195QGLQ2

Following the birth of my last child, I was unable to take off that extra “baby weight”. Well, when my “baby” was 16 years old, I had no choice but to give up that excuse as I continued to gain more and more weight as each year passed. Nothing I did (and I did everything) helped in the long run. I felt powerless to do anything about my ballooning weight or the health problems I was facing. My work with Sunny was stunning. The food part turned out to be easy compared to seeing myself without judgment and accepting what I saw. Learning how to have compassion for myself was what was so difficult. I still work on it but today I am healthy, fit and my weight is within normal limits and easily maintained. I never imagined having such energy and passion for my family, my work, my life. S.L.P.

With Sunny’s guidance and amazing ability to help me understand my many hungers and reach a new understanding about what food really means to me, I have gained some profound insights about how important my health is to my self-confidence. I can rely on my instinctive ability to take good care of myself. I welcome the new energy I have for living fully and joyfully every day. Sunny educates, empowers and enlightens. Thank you, Sunny!” S.G.T.

I am no longer ashamed and disconnected from my body! Finally, I feel successful both personally and professionally! Finally, I no longer struggle with food and unbearable hunger. The miracle has been that I no longer am starving for food or anything else.” K.A.H.


What Part of You Is Hungry? held the answers to my twenty-five year quest for a healthy weight. Like almost everyone with weight, energy and health issues, I had tried almost every gimmick, diet, pill and self-help techniques that were available. “BODY, MIND, SPIRIT” addresses all of my issues and I am now on my way to achieving my dream of more energy, good health AND a slimmer body. I have never felt this good, ate so well or been as enthusiastic about life!” L.W.

Asking the right question is often more important than the answer. Sunny must have known that when she began working with women and food. When I ask myself What Part of You Is Hungry? I am immediately in touch with everything I need to know in that moment. What I do then is completely up to me. K.W.

I was ready to meet Sunny. I was ready to be healthy. In the months that we’ve been working together, I have lost life-long habits of poor eating, “feeling fat” all the time instead of feeling AND 37 pounds. I have found a new job that really “feeds” me and a passion for painting. I’ve learned how to think and live from my heart and gained a happy new regard for myself and the most important people in my life. She listens. She teaches. And she balances lives. She imparts proportion, perspective and great new confidence in one’s search to find the right path to a healthy, well-lived life.” P.S.


I have always been focused on maintaining a healthy weight through exercise and balanced eating. Recently, I put on some weight and had difficulty taking it off. Nothing gave consistent results until a friend told me about What Part of You Is Hungry? My weight is now stable and my energy for life is better than ever. My hunger doesn’t follow me around wherever I go. All of this has come from Sunny’s intelligent approach to food and eating and her support through a challenging time. ” K.D.

I contacted Sunny just before Christmas. I was facing yet another Holiday season with many pounds between me and Healthy, many “to do” lists between me and Quiet, and many methods of self-soothing which had been holding me distant from ever feeling Soothed. I was in absolute perfect condition for working with Sunny.” A.A.

Working with Sunny Kruger has helped me to take the time to nurture myself and to understand things about myself that seemed so out of my control. Her counseling and compassion enabled me to bring some dark, sad parts of my life out into the light where they could be healed. A burden was lifted that has been weighing me down and consuming far too much of my precious time.” J.C.

“My weight was out of control. As a health care professional, mother and wife, I knew how to provide well for the needs of others but was shortchanging myself. Poor eating patterns and the stress of putting the needs of everybody else above my own were wearing me down and diminishing my sense of joy. Through Sunny’s expert listening, teaching and caring my weight is finally back to normal and I am happy and strong. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” S.Y.


…I was resigned to be overweight forever. As a result of the authentic work I did with Sunny Kruger, I am now resolved to maintain my new healthy weight and lifestyle forever. I knew my eating was reckless and out of control. With a close look at my hunger and how careless I was about food, I was able to turn my insights into action. I enthusiastically recommend working with Sunny for anyone struggling with their weight and related problems.” M.K.

My weight was out of control. My doctor warned that I was on my way to becoming diabetic, my joints were painful and I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Still, I failed at every “diet” I tried. With Sunny as an astute counselor and confidant, I was able to name all the parts of me that were so hungry and came to understand how important a role understanding food’s true meaning played in my life. I learned how to be comfortable around food. I eat well with real satisfaction, without fear. Loosing over 50 pounds was just a part of coming to terms with the importance of making my health, well-being and living the life I deserve to live among my highest priorities.” E.K.

My long battle with dieting is over. The constant preoccupation with my weight has ended and I have lost my unwanted pounds. Most important, my relationship with food is as healthy as I am.” W.M.

I went to see Sunny wanting to lose at least 50 pounds. I even had a specific dress size in mind. It took a while for me to understand that my weight problems were more about how hungry I was all the time and not as much about how much I was eating. Even though I was the center of the most in important relationships in my colorful, busy life, I had lost touch with myself and felt lost and alone. When I was able to understand all my hungers, I knew what “foods” would truly satisfy me. I lost about half of my original goal and am happy. I feel better than I have in years and realize that reconnecting to my life with me at its center is the cornerstone of my health and my happiness.” B.H.

“I have struggled with my weight for twenty-five very long years. Until I did some work with Sunny, I had become resigned that being overweight was a burden I’d have to live with for the rest of my life. It was this resignation that supported my body image issues, over-preoccupation with food, guilt and self-defeatist attitude. Sunny has helped me become a “Winner” in life – and a healthy one, at that.” A.A.active-older-walker_shutterstock_790514411