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What’s In Your Closet?

imagesIMM2YQY6When the size we wear has become the determining factor in how we eat, it is time to examine our thinking about our bodies, our hungers and how we feed ourselves. How often do we think in terms of proper nutrition and our overall health when we order lunch? Does the wedding taking place next month dictate our food intake in the weeks ahead?  Getting into a certain-sized pair of jeans is the ultimate indicator of successful weight loss for many women. The contents of our closets may reveal more about our relationship with ourselves than our fashion sense.  Ask yourself:

  • What percentage of the clothing in your closet can you wear right now?
  • What is the range of sizes?
  • Do you have any pants that you have named “fat” and “skinny” hanging around?
  • How many outfits have you never been able to wear?


As long as we, the women wearing the clothes, allow the definition of our own beauty to come from outside ourselves (the number on the label sewn into our clothing), body size will continue to dictate our behavior and define our self-worth.

“She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her.” Naomi Wolf