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Am I Too Fat?



fat1“Fat is not a personality disorder. Flagrantly defining ourselves by our body’s relative fat distribution makes no sense. It is dismaying to look at the extent to which we demean our worth as women through negative associations with a three-letter word. But if its meaning for you erodes your self-esteem and keeps you at a distance from your real beauty, it’s time to do some healing.

The negativity women associate with the meanings behind the word “fat” comes in great part from a culture that has grown increasingly unforgiving and superficial. During an earlier, more vulnerable time in your life, you may have allowed other people’s perceptions to provide the basis of your own. Now would be a good time to change some of those perceptions.

fat2When you ask yourself (or someone else) if you look fat, what are you really saying? Are you too fat to go swimming on a hot summer day? Are you too fat to be a high-fashion model begging to be fed from the pages of a sleek, photo-shopped magazine? Perhaps you’re too fat compared to your mother and sister who still, to this day, can wear each other’s clothing. Are you too fat to deserve success?”


Reflect a bit on this sad article written by very bright and very young woman. We’ve come a long way but not nearly far enough.