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What Overeating Is Telling Us

images.jpg XBeing more generous with ourselves lays the framework for maintaining a healthy weight as much as making healthier food choices does. Too often, overeating is the other side of the scarcity we impose upon ourselves. Do we often eat uncomfortably large quantities of food because we allow ourselves too little affection? Do we work very hard and make a lot of money but never spend much on ourselves?

If our relationship with food is wounded, we can be sure that woundedness spills over into other areas of our lives. Many of us find it easier to feel guilty than to forgive ourselves. Many others say more than “thank you” when someone gives them a compliment. Our relationship with food mirrors the relationship we have with ourselves.
Chaotic eating patterns often reflect other internal storms. If you’re eating is chaotic, in what other areas of your life is there disorder and confusion? What situations are causing you unhappiness and undue stress? Has an important relationship become unreliable, causing you conflict or grief? Where can you identify instability or growing concerns at home or at work?

The next time you overeat, instead of feeling guilty come up with a thoughtful and reassuring response to help you move on with a little more grace and a lot more self respect. What might that be?