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Hunger, Healing and Joy


We honor our hunger most not by offering food to our body right away, but by giving it a voice. Listen to what your hunger is telling you and where it is coming from. If your hunger is physical and persistent, by all means feed your body.  If it continues or reappears too soon, might you be confusing it with something else?images.jpg cccc

Try restoring your spirit with a breath of fresh air and a few moments in the sunlight. Give your mind a spontaneous treat and take out the latest photos of the children (again) or finish the insightful article you earmarked last week. When you stay engaged with your hunger just a little longer and give it a name, the promise of feeling full and whole is  within your reach.

Every hunger can be the next opportunity to heal your relationship with food and with yourself.  Your healing begins anew every time you break the old connection of feeding your body at the first sign of a hunger. Just by acknowledging the existence of another kind of hunger changes your perspective and gives you new choices. Keep in mind that besides all the healthy food available for your body, there are unlimited resources to nourish and satisfy every part of yourself.

Hunger connects us to life—not as a distraction, but a direction.  It directs us to be responsible for our health and feed our bodies consistently and intelligently. When we understand how often our hunger is holding the space for unlimited reserves of joy, we can anticipate the prospect for complete fulfillment in just one moment or over our entire lifetime.

How often do you think about reclaiming the joy in your life? How often do you experience hunger? Joy, like hunger, is not only for special occasions. Yet we are much more aware of needing food for our physical hunger as opposed to how woefully deprived our spirit is of joy. If it is easier to remember the last time our belly was stuffed rather than when our hearts were full of joy, perhaps the next time hunger taps us we can name it before we feed it. What Part of You Is Hungry?

Can A Relationship Be Junk Food?


Do your relationships12ways nourish you? Are they satisfying? Do they help you to love a little better? Any relationship that falls short of having a positive impact on your growth and well-being needs your attention.

A relationship is “junk food” when it stunts your growth and impairs absorption of life’s everyday miracles. A friendship, a family member or a co-worker that routinely leaves you feeling guilty or worn out cannot nourish you and may even set off unhealthy cravings in the same way refined sugar sabotages your appetite.

Here Are Some Ways to Stay Nourished in a Relationship:

1. Spend time with people who demonstrate love and respect for you. “Talk is cheap.”

2. Notice how you are being treated, not just how special the other person is. Don’t be seduced by someone’s talents or charisma.

3. Love people because you want to, not because you need them. Love is a byproduct of caring, not need.

4. Be forthright and forthcoming, even if it may be uncomfortable. Holding things back disconnects you from others….Even if you don’t think it will. Ask for what you need.

5. Listen well. Hear what isn’t being said and respond to that. 6. Keep in mind that people change over time and so do relationships. Sometimes you can heal a relationship that is important to you and sometimes you cannot.

Is there a relationship in your life that needs your attention? Who was the first person that came to mind?