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Fine-Tuning Your Health


The feat of riding a bicycle all by ourselves for the first time is a milestone in childhood. It is not merely a physical feat. Certainly, all the right neurons in the brain must engage and our body must be physically able, but the mind’s will and the spirit’s courage make it all happen.

In the same way, reaching and maintaining our optimal health, wherever we are in our lives, is an extraordinary achievement. It involves more than wise choices in food selection, preparation and maintaining an acceptable weight range. The key to being truly healthy is complex and requires we stay vigilant and inspired to maintain a well-balanced, systematic approach in nourishing our bodies, minds and spirit. We must love ourselves that much.

We each have an innate sense of knowing when we are in harmony with the rhythm of our lives and when we are not. The proportions and priorities of life keep changing and all the fine tuning is left for us to adjust as we go along Balancing the collective resources of our body, mind and spirit with our needs and the world around us is the foundation of the continual healing process that defines a truly healthy life. Our excesses and deficiencies are there to balance us, not to diminish us.

Establishing balance in the care and feeding of YOU does not happen all at once. Real change is best achieved gradually, as an understanding of food and your needs as a woman deepen. Trying to change too much or too abruptly is a set up for failure. Change and balance must go hand-in-hand as you master the art of feeding yourself. The best diet in the world must include healthy foods for every aspect of your being – Body, Mind and Spirit.




dreamstime_m_34879771Food, in its broadest sense heals. Our hunger is an invitation to healing. Our thoughts and feelings about our foods, our hungers and how we feed ourselves reflect a great deal about our identity as women. Our behavior around food says something about how well we love ourselves, how we relate to others and what we do with our lives. It’s that important.

For some of us, decisions about food and eating are so layered and complicated that they become a source of on-going tension that never lets up. We become so caught up in the daily struggle that we don’t fully grasp that our lives don’t have to be this way. Before we know it, tomorrow is already upon us and the struggle begins again. A different paradigm for thinking about food can free you from thoughts about being or becoming fat, and all the other related issues that have taken a stranglehold on your life. What Part of You Is Hungry?

Unhealthy attitudes about our bodies and how we feed them prevail. Some of us use food as a buffer between layers of pain and heartbreak, exhausting our will. Too many of us starve, no matter how much we eat. Every woman should take a close look at her relationship with food because it is perhaps the most intimate barometer of self-worth and how we live our lives. As we heal our relationship with food, we heal our relationship with ourselves and come as close to living “happily ever after” as we can get.