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One More Time…Why Do Diets Fail?

Going on a diet based on the common belief “I would be happy if I could only lose this weight” is often a set up for failure. Gaining everything back after our most valiant efforts to shed extra pounds leaves us feeling miserable, if not a little brokenhearted.

Diets fail because they are an offspring of control. They are disguised attempts at manipulating our external environment to achieve a change that must come from deep within us. They keep us hooked for a while on achieving an outcome that may be incomplete or unrealistic and make little room for real healing.

imagesG9U578DK.jpgYO YoThe “next, new diet” is embraced  because so many of us keep thinking that our happiness is relative to the size of our backsides. If a new diet is our only tool, the mindset we had while we were overweight can remain with us long after a weight loss has made good progress or is completed.

Some quotes from women you may envy because they lost weight:

Buying clothes is a not the fun I thought it would be. I try on something over and over again until I find something to fit me. It’s just the way it used to be, only the opposite. I still don’t like what I see in the mirror.

Losing the weight forces me to feel things I didn’t have to before.” I thought I’d be happier.

(After losing 60 pounds) My one dream has been taken away. I believed that losing weight would change everything that was wrong in my life but that did not happen. The pain of my childhood is still with me. I’m still lonely. And now, I no longer have getting thin to look forward to.

The only thing that has changed about me is the amount of space I take up….I’m still the same person but suddenly I have become visible to men , get more positive feedback for doing the same quality of work I’ve always done and receive more invitations from my friends. I’m having a hard time. I never would have imagined I’d feel resentment once I was slim.”

I don’t want to lose any more weight. There’s been enough loss in my life, already.

When only the number on the scale changes, even dramatically, we may still be living with the specter of hunger much of the time. An inexplicable unrest never seems far away. A feeling of unexplained loss, even grief, may linger. If food served as a constant, comforting companion or “best friend,” it is easy to understand feeling this way.

When a part of you is starving, being slimmer cannot feed you. What Part of You Is Hungry?