The Saggy, Baggy and Oh-So-Loved Grandma

images.jpg elephantI had just finished reading a pile of books to my darling 4 year-old granddaughter, Rosie. Among them was The Saggy Baggy Elephant, a favorite I remember reading to my children when they were little. It’s one of those “Little Golden Books” that addresses the well being of so many who have felt different, lonely or have struggled with their self-image and what they look like.

[Recap: Happy little elephant thinks he’s dancing beautifully until a rude parrot starts to make him doubt himself, his body and who he is. He tries to change but cannot. Life is too hard so he hides away in a cave. A lion approaches and in anguish, the little elephant lets out one last trumpeting bellow. A herd of big, grey wrinkled elephants arrive on the scene and the lion runs away. Saggy Baggy thinks the elephants are the most beautiful creatures he has ever seen. When they remind him he looks just like them, he goes back to his dancing and lives happily ever after.]

Back to my story: After Rosie and I had a snuggle, she pointed to the loose skin flapping around under my arm and said: “Grandma, are you fat?”  My reply: No, Sweetie…. I’m just your Saggy, Baggy Grandma!” We both laughed and went back to snuggling.

Can you think of an incident when you had a reaction that was totally spontaneous, without a hint of self consciousness that ended in a moment of pure joy?


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